Multi-Year Strategic Plan 

Focus on Our Students:
Visual Identity

The circle is symbolic of the continuous process of our multi-year plan. There is no beginning and no end, but rather a continuum of development. The center and focal point of the circle is our students. Our multi-year strategic plan and the elements within, focus on our students and their best interests.

The colours of our Board are represented in the circle, with each priority given a colour. Our multi-year plan is unique to our school communities in the Region of Halton.

The colours blend into one another, as our priorities are not independent of one another. They work together and are intricately woven together.

The polygons represent the complexities and dimension within each priority. The polygons have three points, representative of our Catholic Faith and the Holy Trinity.

At the base of the visual identity are the Foundational Elements, which support our priorities of Achieving, Believing and Belonging.

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After many months of community consultation and planning​ in September, 2016, the Halton Catholic District School Board launched a new multi-year plan.

Focus on Our Students: Strategic Plan 2016-2021​ ​​provides direction for the next five years that will guide the decisions and actions that shape us as a school board – who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Why Strategic Planning?

The Student Achievement and School Board Governance Act, 2009, requires school boards to develop and monitor multi-year plans that achieve the following 3 goals:

1. Promoting student achievement and well-being;
2. Ensuring effective stewardship of the board's resources; and
3. Delivering effective and appropriate education programs to students.

Our Current Plan

Our current multi-year plan, Focus On Our Students: Strategic Plan 2016-2021 identifies specific outcome measures in four broad areas of focus - Achieving, Believing, Belonging, as well as our Foundational Elements. For more information, view the Board report here.​

Year 2 Implementation - We Want Your Feedback!

As the second year of the HCDSB’s multi-year strategic plan comes to an end, we are gathering feedback from parents, students, staff and our parish community to monitor our efforts this past year.

A survey was sent out to members of our community, including instructions on how to access the survey. Please note that the survey will remain open until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, June 11, 2018.

How Will This Information Be Used?

All of the feedback gathered will be shared with our Board of Trustees. Please note that all information collected will remain anonymous; no individual names will be shared.


If you have any questions about this data collection process, please contact Dr. Lisa Collimore, Chief Research Officer at:​.

Monitoring Our Strategic Plan

Each year, the Board identifies specific system priorities that are determined to be essential developmental steps in this multi-year process.

Our Strategic Plan establishes the broad priorities that will continue to guide our system year to year. The Board annually identifies specific system priorities that are determined to be essential steps in working towards our multi-year strategic plan.  While the specific system priorities change annually as specific initiatives are launched, developed and brought to natural completion, the broad directions remain constant, providing the stability required for the system to maintain the sustained focus necessary to attain our goals.




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