Full STEAM Ahead for Notre Dame!

Special thanks to the staff at Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School for sharing their tech achievements in the excerpt below!

In October 2017, a group of teachers at Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School came together to begin a STEAM Club. The goal was to increase cross-curricular connections and engage students in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. We wanted to empower our students and give them opportunities to give back to their community.

There was an overwhelming response from the student body and within a matter of weeks we were running a club with over 60 students. We now have over 70 students and 8 teachers in the group!

The STEAM club has visited McMaster Engineering's "factory of the future" for cutting edge technology, and has visited the University of Waterloo's campus for a full tour and participation in their seminars.

In February 2018, the STEAM club assisted a pilot project with the St. Mark Catholic Elementary School parent council running a STEAM night for grades 1-8 students. Student teams organized 10 STEAM-related activities for elementary students, ranging from coding to making lava lamps.

There were over 100 attendees and we continued this momentum just a few days after we ran a board-wide STEAM conference for grades 7 and 8 students. Over 70 parents and students attended this function.

Joseph Kinsella, a Notre Dame alumnus, Valedictorian of 2010, University of Waterloo Mechatronics graduate and cofounder of Pegasus Aeronautics spoke to students about his educational and career path from his grade 10 robotics class at Notre Dame to where he is now.

Moving forward, our student STEAM club will be focusing on separate group projects, including:

  • Renewable energy and the Notre Dame electric car;
  • Biotechnology and cutting edge experiments;
  • Horticulture and growing sustainable food sources through technology;
  • Computer science and coding contests;
  • An all female application development team to compete at the Technovation Challenge.

It's a full STEAM ahead for Notre Dame! ​​​​


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